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News vom 06.04.2020

Theocharis Grigoriadis

  • Akos Dombi & Theocharis Grigoriadis. State History & the Finance-Growth Nexus: Evidence from Transition Economies, Economic Systems, forthcoming.
  • Pavel Konyukhovskiy & Theocharis Grigoriadis. Proxy Wars & the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Defence & Peace Economics, Special Issue: Political-economic Perspectives of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, forthcoming.
  • Imran Qaiser & Theocharis Grigoriadis. Measuring the Ecological Efficiency of Thermal Power Plants: Evidence from Pakistan, Asian Development Review, Vol. 37, No. 1 (March 2020): 1-26.
  • Carsten Stann & Theocharis Grigoriadis. Monetary Policy Transmission to Eastern Europe & Russia, Comparative Economic Studies, forthcoming.

Maria Polugodina

  • Maria Polugodina (2019). The Dutch Disease Paradox: Endowment Change and Heterogeneous Firms, Applied Economics Letters.


  • Alessandro Monti, Daniel Oderinde & Maria Polugodina (2020). The Phantom Menace: Bridging the Regulatory Gap for Sustainable Biogas, RAUN Working Paper.