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Clemens Günther/Matthias Schwarz:Documentary Aesthetics in the Long 1960s in Eastern Europe and Beyond


2024_01_Cover image documentarism

2024_01_Cover image documentarism

Documentary Aesthetics in the Long 1960s in Eastern Europe and Beyond. Boston/ Leiden: Brill, Dez. 2023

This book is the first to deal with documentary aesthetic practices of the post-war period in Eastern Europe in a comparative perspective. The contributions examine the specific forms and modes of documentary representations and the role they played in the formation of new aesthetic trends during the cultural-political transition of the long 1960s. This documentary first-hand approach to the world aimed to break up unquestioned ideological structures and expose tabooed truths in order to engender much-needed social changes. New ways of depicting daily life, writing testimony or subjective reportage emerged that still shape cultural debates today.