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Guest Scholar Projects

Acknowledged experts from four countries (Israel, Russia, the USA and Hungary) have agreed to contribute to the project with their own research. They are assigned to the various sub-projects.

They are in close communication with the project coordinator and, through her, with each other. The results of their are presented later in a conference volume (see also Publications).

The Russian Revolution and the Jews as Reflected in Russian Berlin, 1917-1939


Transnationality and Yiddishkeit: Cultural Diversity in Eastern European-Jewish Berlin in the 1920s-1930s


Bialik's Weimar – The Berlin Hebrew Movement and the Jewish Nation 1918 -1933

  • Prof. Dr. Dan Laor (Tel Aviv): „In seinem treuen Herzen die Essenz beider Welten“. Shmuel Yosef Agnon’s relationship with Berlin [Abstract]
  • Prof. Dr. Marc Caplan (Baltimore, MD, USA): "The Corridors of Berlin: Proximity, Peripherality, and Surveillance in Dovid Bergelson’s Boarding House Stories" [Abstract]
  • Prof. Shachar Pinsker (Ann Arbor, MI, USA): "Between the Scheunenviertel and the Romanisches Café: Berlin as a Space of Hebrew and Yiddish Modernism" [Abstract]

Problematimizing the Self in the Russian-Jewish Exile Literature of the 1920s in Berlin


Community and Integration: Mediators between Cultures in Russian-Jewish Berlin, 1918-1940