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Russian-Jewish writers and their platforms in Berlin

  Prof. Dr. Zsuzsa Hetényi, Institut for Slavic Studies, Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem University, Budapest

Subject is the literature of Il’ya Ėrenburg, Lev Lunz, Andrei Sobol, published in Berlin exile as well as Berlin-edited journals and sborniki like „Petropolis”, „Nakanune”, „Rul”, „Safrut” and „Novaia Russkaia Kniga”. The research is concentrated first of all on identity questions, the emotional and ideological relation to Russia and Russian culture and language within the double mentality of Jewish assimilation.

The aim is to see how Russian-Jewish writers defined and transformed themselves in exile. The research will focus on the following topics:

  • The changes due to exile and emigration within the oeuvres of writers
  • Ėrenburg and literary constructivism
  • Coexistence of different cultures ‒ Hebrew, Yiddish, Russian-Jewish and Russian in the sbornik „Safrut”, 1922
  • The Jews in the journals „Petropolis”, „Rul'”, „Nakanune”, „Novaia Russkaia Kniga”
  • Eventually: The Berlin Russian Jews around Nabokov.

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