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The Institute for East European Studies

The Institute for East European Studies or Osteuropa-Institut (OEI) is an interdisciplinary regional institute at Freie Universität Berlin. Founded in 1951 as one of the first academic institutions for research on Eastern Europe in the Federal Republic of Germany, it developed new perspectives when facing the Cold War. With the five disciplines represented at the institute, its combination of social sciences and humanities, its worldwide networks and exchange programmes as well as its renowned specialist library with 360,000 volumes on Eastern Europe, the OEI offers unique conditions for research and teaching – in Berlin, a city that continues to play a key role in pan-European history.

The OEI offers students an MA in East European Studies. The five research areas of the Institute – history, culture, politics, sociology and economics – provide both depth and breadth to an interdisciplinary regional studies programme that combines research-oriented seminars with project- and practice-related formats.

You are welcome to contact us at the following address – or get in touch with one of the departments directly.



War in Ukraine

The Institute for East European Studies at the FU condemns Russia's attack on Ukraine. We are concerned about our colleagues, fellow students, friends and relatives affected by the war. Our special solidarity goes out to them.

Course Catalog SuSe 2023

Here you can find the courses offered by the Institute for East European Studies in the summer semester 2023.