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Film of the month July 2023 in our media library: "Taming the Garden" / "Motviniereba" (2021)

Taming the Garden (2021)

Taming the Garden (2021)

News from Jul 03, 2023

The Media Library of the Institute for East European Studies joins the wave of protests in Tbilisi and shows the documentary film "Motwiniereba" by Salomé Jashi as Film of the Month for July.

Georgian filmmakers, producers, screenwriters and other representatives of the film industry have been demonstrating for weeks at the Georgian Film Centre and in front of the Ministry of Culture in Tbilisi. After the Ministry announced the so-called "reorganisation" of the most important film institution in the country and several employees of the Film Centre quickly resigned, the critical voices of the film industry organised themselves for the preservation of the "Georgian National Film Center" as a free and critical institution of film promotion in Georgia.

After the protests, the representatives of Georgia's ruling party "Georgian Dream" publicly attacked the director Salomé Jashi and her film "Motviniereba" directly, calling the film "shameful and absurd".

More about the film and the director can be found here.

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