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Films of the Month in our media library:" The Big Animal "(Poland) and "Second-Class People" (Ukraine)

Duze Zwierze

Duze Zwierze

News from Apr 14, 2021

This month we are pleased to present two winning films of the first GoEast Film Festival: "The Big Animal" ("Duże zwierzę", Poland, 2000) and "Second Class People" ("Второстепенные люди", Ukraine, 2001).

The first film is a Polish drama from 2000 by director Jerzy Stuhr, one of the main roles in which plays a... Camel!

The second film is a Ukrainian horror film parody that incorporates elements of the thriller with dance and music. "They are "second-class people" because they can't really do anything. They are weak, they suffer, they are sensitive. That's what's sympathetic about them," says Kira Muratova, the film's director.

More information about the films and GoEast Film Festival can be found here (in German). 

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