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"Chornobyl": seminar by Ukrainian Environmental Humanities Network

20.07.2023 | 17:00

The seminar is part of the Summer Seminar Series 2023 of the Ukrainian Environmental Humanities Network. It will discuss the ongoing cultural and environmental consequences of the Chornobyl nuclear catastrophe from diverse disciplines including ecology, Ukrainian literature, anthropology, environmental history, and geography.

We are lucky to be joined by Olena Pareniuk and Bohdan Sinenko, Tamara Hundorova, and Kate Brown.

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This seminar series is held by the Ukrainain Environmental Humanities Networkis and made possible by support from IZOLYATSIA, the New Democracy Fund by the Danish Cultural Institute, and the Ukrainian Institute London, as well as partnerships with the Department of Ukrainian Studies at the University of Warsaw and the Institute for East European Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin.

Zeit & Ort

20.07.2023 | 17:00