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Recognition of achievements

The seminars offered by the OEI do not always fit into your personal timetable. Or exciting topics are offered elsewhere. Sometimes, due to illness, you have to make up for a seminar in a semester in which it is not offered. Of course ECTS can also acquired during a semester abroad.

It is therefore possible to recognize achievments acquired elsewhere. On October 25, 2021, the Institute Council therefore confirmed that external examination achievements will be recognized after consultation with those responsible for the modules, if they meet the requirements in the module description.

Internal recognition refers to courses that are offered within the Eastern Europe Institute's range of courses, but in a different module. External recognition refers to courses that are offered at another institute/department of the FU or another university (including abroad).

There is a common document for both internal and external recognition.


- Discuss the course to be recognized with the person responsible for the module in your profile area in advance.

- Book the course via Campus Management. If this is not possible, please ask the lecturer to confirm your performance after successful completion.

- Send the completed recognition form and the confirmation of performance signed by the person responsible for the module (or point out the confirmation in Campus Management) to the examination office. The recognition will then be entered there.