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Organization of degree course

Students who select Culture as their area of focus in the master’s programme complete courses in the following modules:

  • Module: Symbolic and media forms of cultural practice
  • In-depth module: Arts in cultural context

Specific subjects within these modules include, among others:

  • The cultural history of Eastern Europe
  • Theories and methods of cultural studies
  • Media of artistic communication (literature, visual arts, architecture, film, theatre, performance)
  • Symbolic practices of cultural de-/stabilization (including remembrance and memory, forms of protest, housing cultures)
  • The interconnectedness of Eastern Europe in processes of globalization/localization and migration
  • Cultures of everyday life and cultural-sociological issues (elites, mass culture, public structures, social media)
  • Culture and resources

Along with theory-oriented seminars and thematic analyses, the working area of Culture consistently offers application-oriented courses. These include regular excursions to cities in Eastern Europe, attendance of festivals, and seminars offered in cooperation with Berlin cultural institutions.

We encourage you to spend time abroad during your studies at one of our many partner universities in Eastern and Western Europe.

Further information and links on studies and instruction

  • The current course catalogue for the master’s programme in East European studies