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Films of the Month in our media library: "Territory of Empty Windows" (2020)



News from Mar 11, 2022

In view of the Russian-led war in Ukraine, Ukrainian director Zoya Laktionova has released her new short film "Teritorija Pustich Vikon" for free on the online platform TAKFLIX. The director provided the release with the following comment: 

„I planned to release this film before my mother's birthday on March 11, but I am releasing it before the death of the Russian dictatorial regime and the birth of a new Ukraine.I give permission for the screenings of this film in support of Ukraine anywhere. Mom, I love you!“


The Institute for Eastern European Studies at Freie Universität Berlin condemns Russia's attack on Ukraine. We are concerned about our colleagues, fellow students, friends, and relatives affected by the war. Our special solidarity goes out to them.

Here is the official statement of the Institute for East European Studies of Freie Universität Berlin.

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