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Postdoc Fellowship at UNICAMP, Brazil

Chamada Post-Doc Eng

Chamada Post-Doc Eng

News from Jul 08, 2022

The Trans-Atlantic Platform funded project “ENDURE: Inequalities, Community Resilience and New Governance Modalities in a Post-Pandemic World” is looking for a highly motivated Postdoctoral researcher to work in the context of this project at UNICAMP, Brazil. This international project is led by Freie Universität Berlin (Institute for Eastern European Studies). We, as the Institute for Eastern European Studies would like to share the following call on behalf of ENDURE’s Brazilian consortium member UNICAMP.


ENDURE’s project aims at examining Covid-19 long and short-term consequences. It is based upon UN Research Roadmap’s research priorities. It proposes a holistic vision for the study of the Covid-19 crisis, in which we analyze new forms of (de)mobilization of societies and political systems and as the entry into a new era of change. The postdoctoral researcher’s responsibilities are:

  1. Manage the activities developed by the Brazilian research team (required to be fluent in Brazilian Portuguese);
  2. Articulate Brazilian and international teams;
  3. Actively participate in all the project’s clusters, being the Brazilian teams support and organizer;
  4. Create and manage a websites and social media related to the project;
  5. Publish papers related to the project;
  6. Mandatory participation in all project’s scientific events organized;
  7. Editing scientific journals’ special issues that are related to the project;
  8. Being responsible for supporting the Brazilian team in developing reports, papers, and scientific disclosure materials that must be delivered in the project;
  9. Teach at the Department of Science and Technology Policy at Unicamp;


Applications until July, 20th 2022

To apply, send CV and transcripts to leda@unicamp.br

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