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Workshop "(Anti)Discrimination in Study and Teaching" (in German), 28.01.2022

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News from Jan 06, 2022

(Anti)Discrimination in Teaching and Learning

Online workshop for teachers and students at the OEI

28.1.22 from 9.30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Universities and courses are not a power-free space. Hierarchies exist between students and faculty, but all participants also bring experiences of social discrimination and privilege.

This short workshop aims to provide a systematic exploration of diversity and (anti-)discrimination. It offers both an overview of central concepts and an opportunity for joint reflection on experiences and challenges in studying and teaching, especially under pandemic conditions.

The goal is to deal with the levels of structural, institutional, and individual discrimination and to get to know the framework conditions and regulations at the FU. Using case studies, we will analyze how unquestioned assumptions and attributions as well as individual and structural hurdles or the way they are dealt with can lead to disadvantages in teaching-learning situations.

How can students and teachers deal with such situations? What are good methods and communication strategies when the atmosphere becomes tenser? And how does gender- and diversity-conscious teaching contribute preventively to a constructive teaching-learning atmosphere?

The event will be conducted by the staff of the Toolbox Gender and Diversity, Melanie Bittner and Jana Gerlach, and will provide a moderated setting in which students and faculty can exchange ideas.


- Clarification of the concept of discrimination

- Sensitization to one's own unconscious assumptions and patterns of evaluation

- FU's position on diversity and (anti-)discrimination

- Pandemic as a challenge for studying and teaching

- Approaches for gender- and diversity-conscious courses


The number of participants in the workshop is limited. It will be held in the format of a Webex meeting. Please register at anja.locascio@fu-berlin.de. The deadline for registration is January 23, 2022.

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