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Dr. Volodymyr Ishchenko


Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Garystr. 55
Raum 201b
14195 Berlin

Volodymyr Ishchenko is a research associate at the Institute of East European Studies, Freie Universität Berlin. He defended a doctoral thesis in sociology at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (Ukraine).

In Ukraine, he lectured at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and Kyiv Polytechnic Institute as well as initiated and supervised Ukrainian Protest and Coercion Data project. He used to be a postdoctoral fellow within Comparing protest actions in Soviet and post-Soviet societies research project coordinated by the Research Center for East European Studies, Bremen University (supported by Volkswagen Foundation) and at the Institute of Slavic Studies, Technical University of Dresden (a fellowship from Alexander von Humboldt Foundation).

His research focused on protests and social movements, revolutions, radicalization, right and left politics, nationalism, civil society. He authored many peer-reviewed articles and interviews on contemporary Ukrainian politics, the Euromaidan revolution, and the following war in 2013-14 published in Post-Soviet AffairsGlobalizationsNew Left Review, among other journals. He has been a prominent contributor to The Guardian and Jacobin. He is a member of the Program on New Approaches to Research and Security in Eurasia (PONARS Eurasia) network administered by George Washington University, D.C.

He is currently working on a collective monograph The Maidan Uprising: Mobilization, Radicalization, and Revolution in Ukraine, 2013-14 and is a member of Deradicalization in Europe and Beyond: Detect, Resolve, Reintegrate (D.Rad) project team (supported within Horizon-2020 program).

The full CV is available here.

Selected academic and research publications are listed below. Here one can find all my publications.


Ishchenko, Volodymyr and Oleg Zhuravlev. Forthcoming. “Post-Soviet vicious circle: revolution as a reproduction of a crisis of hegemony.” In: The Anthem Companion to Gramsci, ed. by Dylan J. Riley and Marco Santoro, Anthem Press.

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Ishchenko, Volodymyr. 2020. “Insufficiently diverse: The problem of non-violent leverage and radicalization of Ukraine's Maidan uprising, 2013-2014”. Journal of Eurasian Studies 11(2): 201-215. https://doi.org/10.1177%2F1879366520928363

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Ishchenko, Volodymyr. 2015. “Maidan mythologies”. Review article on Andrew Wilson’s Ukraine CrisisNew Left Review93: 151-159.

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Ishchenko, Volodymyr. 2011. “Fighting Fences vs Fighting Monuments: Politics of Memory and Protest Mobilization in Ukraine.” Debatte: Journal of Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe 19 (2): 369-395.

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