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Modernization in European and post-communist perspective


Dozent/inDr. Mihai Varga
RaumGarystr.55/C Seminarraum

Di 12:00-14:00

In this class we cover a diverse range of topics in the development of modern states, from the role of wars and mass conscription to land reform, urbanization, nationalism, and capitalism. We devote particular attention to contemporary theories about the diverging development of Eastern European states in comparison to states in Europe’s other parts; and to how these theories mix with ideas of state retrenchment and anti-corruption under the neo-liberal paradigm. In its final sessions, the seminar sets out to explain the present-day return to a “strong-state”-paradigm in much of Eastern Europe, with ideas of “hard government” and “national sovereignty” (Hungary, Poland), “power vertical” and “managed democracy” (Russia) there to shape public debates about development for the years to come.

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