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Re-forming the Leviathan: The state in post-communist Europe


Dozent/inDr. Mihai Varga
RaumGarystr.55/301 Seminarraum

Di 12:00-14:00

In this class we discuss the major theories regarding the emergence and development of democratic states in Europe, and expand our discussion by studying the workings of reforming post-communist states: after all, the character and capacity of the state has been arguably the major variable for explaining the post-communist countries’ trajectory throughout transition towards market economy and democracy. Inspired by the classical texts by Barrington Moore, Charles Tilly, and James C. Scott, we cover a diverse range of topics, from the place of war (Tilly) and land reform and urbanization (Moore) in the creation of modern states in Europe, to state retrenchment and the anti-corruption agenda under the neo-liberal paradigm, and the present-day agenda in defense of “national interests” of “national-conservatives” in Eastern Europe.

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