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Human Rights in CEE


Dozent/inJustyna Stypinska
RaumGarystr.55/C Seminarraum

Di 16:00-18:00

Human rights issues have been of a large interest to academics in various disciplines, from law, politics to medicine even. However, only relatively recently have they become a focus of attention of sociological reflection and research. M. Whites in introduction to Special Issue of Sociology Journal (2012) wrote: "If sociology is to be revitalized to address power, inequalities and resistance in the contemporary global context, then the development of the sociology of human rights is an urgent necessity". Among various topics of concern for sociology of human rights some could be mentioned: the relations of power, the growth and dynamics of inequalities, state and corporate responsibility for human rights, the incorporation of human rights norms into the national legal and political systems, fight with exclusion and discrimination, empowerment and development of local communities. Since the early 1990s, the CEE region has witnessed the fall of communist regimes and the widespread emergence of democratic states and countries in transition. Yet, serious human rights violations still occur across the region. The course will provide students with both theoretical instruments and practical knowledge as how to analyze the status of human rights in Central and Eastern European countries in 21st century.

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