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The sociological perspective on the integration of CEE countries into the EU


TypKurs - Modul A
Dozent/inJustyna Stypińska
RaumGarystr.55/101 Seminarraum

Do 10 - 12 Uhr

This seminar focuses on the social, cultural and economic changes affecting the Central and Eastern European countries as the result of the accession to the EU. The different methods and ways of accession will be analyzed, as well as their consequences for societies. The process demonstrates important distinctions in all points to the previous accessions. We will analyze the ambivalent consequences for the post-socialist countries, which can explain to a certain part the "mixed opinions" about the EU. During the seminar, we will discuss i.e.: the situation of ethnic and national minorities, the problem of discrimination, different approaches to gender equality in the new Member states, European policies tackling the changes in the family models, as well as demographic changes. Furthermore the debate about the consequences of the enlargement for the European Social Model will be reconstructed. Additionally we will focus on the influence of the financial crisis in the new Member States as well as the crisis management under the influence of IMF and EU.

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