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Gender and Law


TypSeminar - Modul C
Dozent/inFrau Dr. Justyna Stypinska
RaumGarystr.55/323 Seminarraum
Do 14 - 16 Uhr


Two of the basic values for a modern society are social justice and equal opportunities for all people to actively participate in society in all forms. However, people are still facing discrimination on different levels and fields of life. After 60 years of Human Rights Declaration and 100 years of fight for women rights, gender still remains one of the major basis for discrimination. Notwithstanding the de jure basis for gender equality laid in some of the CEE countries, there is still a considerable lack of de facto implementation and enforcement of equal treatment principles. The course will present the opportunity to analyze the relation of gender inequalities and law in today's CEE countries. We will discuss the theoretical approaches to the issues of (gender) equality, as well as concentrate on their practical applications for the situation of women in certain countries. The role and function of law in modern societies will be discussed with a particular emphasis on its role in safeguarding the equality of the status of women and men, as well as other social groups facing discrimination. Moreover, the role of international organizations (UN, EU, CoE) and NGOs and their work towards social equality will be debated.

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