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Nikolai Genov, Tessa Savvidis (Ed.s): Trans-Boundary Migration in thePost-Soviet Space: Three Comparative Case Studies.
Frankfurt/Main: Peter Lang, 2011.245 pp. Numerous figures and tables. ISBN 78-3-631-61485-3. €39,80

The collective monograph comprises the results of a 2008-2010 empirical project conducted in Armenia and Georgia and in Moscow as the favourite destination of migrants from the South Caucasus. The monograph is the first contribution to comparative research in the mi-gration intense post-Soviet space, and covers the complete cycle before, during and after mi-gration. The survey focused on such relevant issues as national migration profiles including age and gender composition, “brain drain“ and “brain waste”, return potentials, remittances, child separation, migration perception and personal experiences in Moscow and other destina-tions. As major results the field studies confirmed the international trend of feminization in migration and a high awareness of the ambivalent nature of migration among two cohorts of migrants from Armenia and Georgia in Moscow and six cohorts of returnees in the respective countries of origin.

Contributors: Dr. Irina Badurashvili (Center for Population Research, Tbilisi), Prof. Dr. sc. Nikolai Genov, Prof. Galina Osadchaya (Russian Social State University, Moscow), Prof. Gevorg Poghosyan (National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, Institute for Sociology, Law and Philosophy), Dr. Tessa Savvidis (Freie Universität Berlin)


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Savvidis, Tessa (Hg.): International Migration: Local Conditions and Effects.
"Arbeitspapiere des Osteuropa-Instituts der Freien Universität Berlin/Abteilung Soziologie“, No. 3, 2009, 135 S. Mit Abb. u. zahlr. Tabellen, Abkürzungsverzeichn. ISSN 1864-533X

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Armenian Society in Transition. Yerevan: Armenian Sociological Association and Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Law of Armenian National Academy of Science, 2009. 133 p.


Gevorg Poghosyan: Transforming of Current Armenian Society

Edward Ashod Tiryakian: Twenty Years Ago Into the Future: A Challenge for International Sociology

Levon Chorbajian: Globalization and Neo-Liberalism: Their Opponents and Their Application to Armenian

Vladimir Osipov: Transition Paradigm & Prospects of Democracy in Armenia

Manuk Harutiunyan: Alienated Society: From Diagnosis to Action

Edward S. Markarian: Sociology and Related Sciences in the Context of Global Strategic Security

Tessa Savvidis: Regional Migration to Russia: Development, Interests, and Perspectives

 Nikolai Genov: Labour as Commodity in the Global Market

Tomasz Marciniak: Armenian Young Immigrants in Poland. At The Edge

Gevorg Poghosyan: Out-Migration from Armenia

Yuri Gasparyan: The Role of Sociology in Raising the Education Level of Students in Higher Educational Institutions of Armenia


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