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  • Irina Badurashvili, Dr. sc., Tbilisi; sociologist; director of the Georgian Centre of Population Research (GCPR). Research focus: Statistics; migration issues; social standard. Participant and head of many research projects in collaboration with or commissioned by foreign or international organizations such as the European Union, Open Society Institute, World Bank, International Organization for Migration, Foundation for Population, Migration and Environment (Switzerland)


  • Galina I. Osadchaya, PhD., Professor; Moscow; Sociologist; Vice-Rector of Russian State Social University; Research focus: social policy; migration policy; standard of living; family studies; member of the Russian Academy of Social Sciences; member of ISA, ESA; vice-president of the Union of Sociologists of Russia; vice-president of the Russian Society of Sociologists


  • Gevork Poghosyan, Dr. sociol., Professor, Corresponding member of Armenian National Academy of Sciences (ANAS); Yerevan; Sociologist; Director of the Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Law of ANAS; President of the Armenian Sociological Association; Research focus: transition, migration, political processes in modern Armenia and social changes
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