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Information concerning your studies at the Institute for Easter-European Studies at FU Berlin with the Erasmus+ programme:

Academic information

Preparing your stay

Learning Agreement

The Learning Agreement is a contract (study contract) between an exchange student, the sending university and the receiving university. The Learning Agreement gives an overview of courses you are planning to take at the receiving university. Furthermore, your department also confirms which courses will be recognized within your study program at your sending university.

The receiving university's coordinator agrees (preliminarily) to the student's choice of courses prior to her or his arrival in Berlin on the Learning Agreement, ensuring their availability for attendance. Then, the sending university confirms that this study programme is in line with the requirements of their own study programs and that courses can be successfully integrated into the student's studies.

The Osteuropa-Institut at Freie Universität Berlin allows ERASMUS-students to choose the courses they want. There are no mandatory courses and no minimum number of ECTS-credits that need to be achieved. Exchange students can decide for themselves how many and which courses they wish to take.

For signatures please consult Prof. Dr. Theocharis Grigoriadis.

Transript of Records

Your Transcript of Records (ToR) is issued at the end of your studies at FU Berlin, once you have collected all of your grades and certificates ("Scheine"/"Leistungsnachweise"), and only upon your request.

Please note that the OEI Erasmus office issues your ToR and NOT the central FU Erasmus office.

Please forward your "Scheine"or "Leistungsnachweise" to the OEI Erasmus Team, either via email (PDF format only, we do not accept photographies!), via post, or in person. If you have left Berlin already and are still waiting for your results, you can ask your respective lecturers to forward your grades to us directly.

“Scheine” can be obtained directly from the professor/lecturer or the corresponding secretary at the end of semester.

If you registered courses on Campus Management you will be able to find your "Leistungsnachweise" as a print-out available online at www.ecampus.fu-berlin.de.


  • More information about your stay in Berlin can be found here.