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ZOiS Forschungskolloquium

Online | 10.02.2021

Bildquelle: ZOiS

Bildquelle: ZOiS

Materialized Futurities? - The Soviet city and its aftermath in Central Asia and the Southern Caucasus

Cross-cutting Urban Sociology, Social Geography and the History of the Soviet South (Caucasus and Central Asia), I explore not only how urbanity was created, but how as a physical remainder of the ancien régime, they condition social relations in present-day Bishkek and Yerevan. Engaging with the wide-spread consensus that space shapes and, in return, is shaped by social relations, this paper asks: which role plays urban materiality that has outlived the system to which it owes its existence?

David Leupold (Postdoctoral research fellow at Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient (ZMO))

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