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Czech Your Talent!

Jobmesse | 25.04.2017 | 14:00 Uhr | Botschaft der Tschechischen Republik

© Tschechische Botschaft Berlin

© Tschechische Botschaft Berlin

Calling out to all adventurous minds - students and professionals. Your next career and life destination = Czech Republic. Why? Let us show you on April 25 in Berlin. More at czechyourtalent.com.

Join us for an informal afternoon at the Czech Embassy in Berlin and learn more about the life in the Czech Republic and career in business services that waits for you there. 

Who will you meet?
Business services ambassadors, people like you, who made the step. Now they enjoy the life in the Czech Republic and their career in business services. And they are looking forward to sharing their story with you. All of it.

Which world-known business services will the ambassadors be from? 
AbInBev, Accenture, Johnson&Johnson, Infosys, SAP, Siemens

Register today and let's meet! www.czechyourtalent.com

Czech Your Talent is a commmon project of ABSL, Association of Business Service Leaders, CzechInvest, The Business and Investment Development Agency and the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Berlin. Its aim is to attract talents to get an interesting working experience in the Czech Republic within the sector of Business Shared Services and support this sector, which is considerably growing.

On 25th April 2017 in the venues of the Czech Embassy participants will have possibility to get to know more about life in the Czech Republic and about an actual situation on labour market. Business Shared Sevices sector will be presented to them with presence of representatives of several main companies of this sector in the Czech Republic - Johnson and Johnson, SAP, Siemens, AbInBev, Infosys and Accenture. All those companies are looking for your foreigners.  During a networking part of the event, students will have the chance to talk to company representatives and discuss job vacancies.

Everybody who is interested in getting the experience of living and working abroad is more than welcome to attend this event!

Zeit & Ort:

Dienstag, 25.04.2017  |  14:00 Uhr

Botschaft der Tschechischen Republik
Wilhelmstraße 44
10117 Berlin

Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier.


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