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Workshop on the book project “Russia’s War in Ukraine”




Friday, June 03

10:30 (Kyiv time) | 9:30 (Berlin time) 

It is suggested that every author has 10 min for presentation of a chapter plan and main ideas; you may use slides and sharing screen, if necessary. The presentation will be followed by comments / suggestions to the author, we reserve 10 min for that to each presentation. Tamara and Tetiana will keep an eye on timing. For convenience, here are the tentative titles of your chapters, we suggest following alphabetic order by authors’ surnames during the workshop:

  • Yuliia Bidenko: Civil society, business, and European networks during the war

  • Sergiy Gerasymchuk: Regional solidarity in CEE as a component of the European resilience and instrument for deterring Russian invasion in Ukraine

  • Rostyslav Semkiv: Ukrainian contemporary war literature

  • Maria Shuvalova: Fighting propaganda via media 

  • Kateryna Zarembo: Parenthood vs civic duty: reflections from Ukraine at war


To register for participation, please contact Tetiana Kostiuchenko.