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archint 1918_2018: Hradec Králové. Salon of the Republic

Lesung | 05.12.2018 | Tschechisches Zentrum

Bildquelle: Tschechisches Zentrum Berlin

Bildquelle: Tschechisches Zentrum Berlin

The lecture will show that the unique modern urbanism and architecture in Hradec Králové laid references to historic periods, systematically incorporated public green zones in the concept of the metropolis as well as organically interconnected progressive and traditional architectural forms. Additionally, because of a liberal environment in the city, there was a unique permeation of national identities in shaping the modern architecture – Czech and German – and various religious backgrounds – Catholic, Jewish, Protestant and after 1918 a new Czechoslovak church which became very popular.

There were only three relevant women in the story of the 20th Century architecture in the town and therefore the architecture designed by Jan Kotěra, Václav Weinzettl, František Thomayer, Jindřich Freiwald, Theodor Petřík, Oldřich Liska, Jan Rejchl, Josef Gočár, Vladimír Zákrejs, Josef Fňouk, Heinrich Kulka, Kurt Spielmann and Karl Dirnhuber can be characterized as an era of upper-class white men designing for other upper-class white men. This changed after 1945.

PhDr. Ladislav Zikmund-Lender is an art historian. He is a lecturer at the University of South Bohemia (20th century architecture and interior design history) and University of Hradec Králové (researcher). In 2016–2017 he has received a Fulbright scholarship to be a visiting scholar at the University of California Department of History of Art in Berkeley researching queer visual artists, collectors and architects. In 2009–2011 he was a director of the museum Villa Trmal in Prague (architect Jan Kotěra). In 2011 he co-authored the book “Homosexuality in the History of the Czech Culture”. He has received his doctoral degree (PhDr.) in history of architecture with the thesis “Structure of the City in the Green (on modern architecture in Hradec Králové)” at Masaryk University in Brno. In 2013 he published the book “The Museum House in Hradec Králové, 1909–1913, Jan Kotěra” followed by the recent 2016 book “Jan Kotěra in Hradec Králové”. He edited books on 20th century architecture and interior design. In 2012 he curated the exhibition “What a Material: Queer Art from Central Europe” followed by “Spaces of Desire: Is Architecture Sexy” (2016) and exhibitions about the architect Jan Kaplický.

The lecture will be held in English.

archint 1918_2018 is a series of events on the turn in architecture after 1918, after the establishment of the First Czechoslovak Republic. Young theoreticians of architecture will present their new projects on heritage and the courageous modern visions that have strongly shaped the Czech architectural landscape. In cooperation with CzechTourism   

Admission free

05.12.2018 | 19:00

Wilhelmstraße 44 / Eingang Mohrenstraße
10117 Berlin

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