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COVID Crisis and Media Freedom: Focus on Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania

Webinar | 28.05.2020

Bildquelle: G|M|F

Bildquelle: G|M|F

Democratic backsliding and the public’s demand for reliable sources of information during the coronavirus pandemic in Central and Southeast Europe have made the search for ways to support media freedom more urgent than ever before. Emergency measures enacted in response to the pandemic in Hungary and Bulgaria have created an intimidating environment for journalists and threatened fundamental rights, including the freedom of speech, while Romania’s strict quarantine provisions have led to accusations of official infringements on individual rights and freedoms.

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) relaunched its programming for Bulgaria and Romania in January 2019, and is in the process of launching a Hungarian digital service. What challenges does the coronavirus crisis pose now and in the future for already-embattled independent news outlets in Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania, and how are these renewed RFE/RL Services working to support free media and provide a credible middle ground for local news consumers? With help of our discussants, the webinar offers critical insights and assessments on these key questions.

Introductory Remarks
Jeremy Bransten, Regional Director For Europe, Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

Ivan Bedrov, Director of the Bulgarian Service, Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
Szabolcs Panyi, Senior Investigative Journalist, Direkt36
Oana Serafim, Director of the Romanian Service to Moldova and Romania, Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

Daniel Hegedüs, Fellow for Central Europe, German Marshall Fund of the United StatesZeit & Ort

Online-Diskussion (Zoom-Webinar)

Mittwoch, 29. April 2020 14.00–15.30 Uhr (MEZ)

Zeit & Ort

28.05.2020 04:30 PM
in Amsterdam, Berlin, Rom, Stockholm, Wien