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Germany, the Visegrád Group and their Relations in the Post-Brexit EU

Conference | 15.11.2017 | 12:30 | DGAP



For the Visegrád Group (V4) – Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary – Germany continues to be the main point of reference in Europe.

The 2015 migration crisis prompted tensions between Berlin and this region, which had otherwise been overlooked for many years by German decision-makers. The crisis also highlighted growing differences on other issues such as energy policy, security outlook, identity politics and the future of the EU. Today, Hungary and Poland are seen as ‘problem countries’ by Berlin. Media perceptions of the V4 region and its format of regional cooperation also worsened as a result.

Despite this trend, however, both sides also depend on each other, as their trade and economies, their history and societies are closely linked. In times of growing East-West friction, the key balancing role within the EU falls to Germany.

Our conference hopes to facilitate a better understanding of V4 national perspectives and domestic dynamics, as well as their impact on the future of the EU and other issues. We will address the positive agenda of V4 regional cooperation and how Germany should respond to the latest political developments in Central Europe. Also discussed will be what the V4 countries expect of Germany’s incoming federal government.

The event is organized by the Robert Bosch Center at DGAP and will be held in English. 

Zeit & Ort

15.11.2017  |  12:30

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik e.V.
Rauchstraße 17-18
10787 Berlin

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