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Vortrag und Diskussion mit Anna Dziapshipa (Filmemacherin aus Tbilissi) im Rahmen des Seminars „Flucht, Trauma und Erinnerung in der georgischen Literatur und im Film“ (geleitet von Irine Beridze)



Im Vortrag sprach die Filmemacherin, visuelle Künstlerin, Produzentin (Sakdoc Film) und Gründerin des „The Abkhazian Virtual Archives“ (AVA) Anna Dziapshipa über ihre künstlerische Praxis. In unterschiedlichen Medien (Fotografie, Film, Text) erkundet Anna Dziapshipa intensiv die Fragen nach der nationalen Identität, nach der Grenze und nach dem Verlust der Heimat. 2023 wird ihre erste Langdokumentation „Avtoportreti Zghvarze“ (internationaler Titel: SELF-PORTRAIT ALONG THE BORDERLINE) veröffentlicht.

Synopsis: „Throughout this journey of understanding her identity, the director takes us along an ambivalent path, offering a new perspective on the meaning of roots. Upon finding her abandoned summer house in Abkhazia, 25 years after she left it, a ‘Pandora’s box’ of violent and yet still cherished memories is opened.The highly personal narration delves into the complexities of nationalism and identity in times of war and global displacement. Ultimately, these reflections on recent history become a potential manual for what can come next, once the wars are over.“ 

Bio: Anna Dziapshipa is a filmmaker and a visual artist. With an experience and professional biography in art history, film producing, cultural management, experimental video and documentary film. Her works often explore transformation of physical borders into the memory and identity. Currently, she collaborates with various platforms and organisations writing articles, lecturing, creating photo, video installations and multimedia projects. Her works are part of international film festivals and art exhibitions. She is co-founder and director of the documentary film company Sakdoc Film. Anna also was initiator of various trainings and workshops to support documentary filmmakers in Georgia and South Caucasus.