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Dr. Sofia Tipaldou

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Arbeitsbereich Soziologie 2016


Montag und Donnerstag: 12:00-14:00

Sofia has obtained her Ph.D. in International Relations and European Integration from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2016). Her research focuses on the sociology of the contemporary radical right movement in Russia (emergence, development, and outcomes) and in crisis-ridden southern European societies, e.g. Greece, Spain. Her broader research interests are nationalism, radical right, social movements, post-Soviet transformation. She acquired teaching experience on Russian politics, the radical right in Western Europe and Russia, and on the methodology of social sciences. As a fellow at Osteuropa-Institut she is researching the outcomes of nationalist organizations on Russia's foreign policy (taking the war in Donbass as case study) and participating in the Institute's intellectual life.

Book Chapters

2016 “Elites and nation building in Central Asia: The case of Kazakhstan”. In Izquierdo, Ferran & Francesc Serra Massansalvador (eds.) Political Regimes in Central Asia. Routledge (accepted by editors).

2014 “The dawning of Europe and Eurasia?: The Greek Golden Dawn and its transnational links”. In Laruelle, Marlene (ed.) Eurasianism and the European Far Right. USA: Lexington Books, pp. 193-219.

2012 “Rock for the Motherland: The White Power Music Scene in Greece”. In Shekhovtsov, Anton and Paul Jackson (Eds.): White Power Music: Scenes of Extreme-Right Cultural Resistance. Northampton: Searchlight Magazine and the Radicalism and New Media Research Group, University of Northampton, pp. 47-55

Working Papers

2015 “The Russian ‘Nationalist-Patriotic Opposition’: Findings from PhD dissertation on the Russian contemporary nationalist movement”. January. Centre For Political Research. Athens: Department of Political Science and History, Panteion University.

Book Reviews

2012 The Orthodox Church and Russian Politics by Irina Papkova”,Nationalities Papers, 40,6, pp. 967-969.

Opinion articles (selection)

2015 “A simple coincidence?: Facing the reasons that led to Golden Dawn's rise in crisis-ridden Greece”, The Economy Journal (also in Spanish), 9 April, online and printed version.

2015 “Entering the SYRIZA Age”, Counterfire, 29 January.

2012 “The 2012 parliamentarian elections and the democratic stalemate in Greece” [In Greek], TVXS, 3 August