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Project seminar

The project seminar is an integral part of the Master's degree course in Eastern European Studies. It is intended to provide the students with competences beyond theoretical discussions in the academic environment. Through the realization of specially designed projects, they are to learn to interdisciplinarily deal with questions relevant to their studies.

The seminar is hold over two semesters, dealing with questions concerning a given framework topic in an interdisciplinary manner. The aim is to develop own project ideas in small working groups and to implement them during the course of the academic year. Teamwork, oral and visual presentation techniques as well as practice-oriented work are trained. After a team-building workshop and introductory sessions, the participants implement their ideas independently into the p ractice.The independent group work is supported and supervised by a team of course instructors.

Reports on realized projects such as exhibitions, podcasts, scientific publications, workshops and discussion panels of the past years can be found on the project websites.