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Completion of Studies

Final grade

To determine the overall grade, the respective grades are multiplied by the number of associated credit points, then added and divided by the sum of the credit points included. When the grade value is shown on the certificate, only the first digit after the decimal point is taken into account.

Determination of degree completion

After successfully completing all coursework, you must submit an application to the examination office to have your degree determined. The certificates will only be issued upon this application.


Students must independently submit an application for de-registration after completing their master's degree. This is a separate process. Application for confirmation of graduation (this takes place in the examination office). You will be expelled officially if you have not paid the tuition fees.

Enrollment is necessary if you need to take a course in the coming semester in order to complete a module. Current enrollment is not required to register, write or submit your master's thesis, but rather to proof that you were enrolled at the FU.

The FU account expires upon exmatriculation (termination of membership at the Free University of Berlin). This also includes access to campus management. The teachers can of course continue to make entries (grades and participation) and the study and examination office also continues to have comprehensive insight into the grades.

You can find more information about FU accounts on the FAQ pages of the Zedat user service: https://www.zedat.fu-berlin.de/FAQ#6.1

Certification, apostille, legalization

The examination office will issue a maximum of three certifications of your final documents (certificate, certificate, diploma supplement). The certification must be applied for by presenting the original documents. A maximum of three copies can be issued. A processing time of up to two weeks can be expected for this. As soon as the certifications are ready for collection during office hours, you will be informed separately.