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Project Seminar



Project seminar 2022/23 "Lifeworlds in times of war"

Based on the guiding concept of lifeworlds, the project seminar is dedicated to transformations in times of war from an interdisciplinary perspective. Thematically, the focus is on the war in Ukraine, but conflicts further back in time can also be dealt with. Students will work in small groups to realize their own projects on topics of their own choice, which may deal with such diverse themes as migration, culture of memory, diversity, trauma, or protest culture. The methodological starting point is the exploration of war-specific lifeworlds through interviews, participant observation, archival research and other qualitative methods, knowledge of which is imparted in accompanying workshops.


The project seminar is an integral part of the Master's program in Eastern European Studies. Its purpose is to provide students with skills beyond theoretical discussions in an academic environment. By realizing their own projects, they will learn to work in groups on interdisciplinary issues relevant to their studies.

The course takes place over two semesters. In the process, questions on a given topic are dealt with in an interdisciplinary manner. The aim is to develop own project ideas in small working groups and to implement them in the course of the academic year. Teamwork, oral and visual presentation techniques, and practice-oriented work are encouraged. After a team-building workshop and introductory content sessions, participants independently put their ideas into practice. The independent group work is supported and supervised by four course instructors.