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Two research seminars

News from Oct 19, 2022

The Chair of Politics welcomes you to attend (either in person or through Webex) the following two hybrid seminars we will be conducting on 20 and on 27 October (both at 14:00, physical attendance in the Room 201c; online attendance in the following Webex space: https://fu-berlin.webex.com/meet/alexander.libman). 

On 20 October, Denis Ivanov is going to give a talk on "Public Reactions on Trade Sanctions in a Democratic Context: Evidence from Moldovan Wine Embargo". The paper studies whether Russia's economic sanctions against Moldova imposed in 2006 had any effect on the Moldovan political landscape.

On 27 October, Gerhard Toews is going to give a talk on "Enemies of the People". The paper analyzes the long-term effects of GULAG legacies on social and political development in Russia.

Interested participants (researchers and students) are very welcome to join!

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