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Institute for East European Studies - Freie Universität Berlin


Image Credit: Lydia Tetzner

Research and teaching at the Chair of Politics at the Institute for East European Studies primarily focuses on the inner workings and the impact of political institutions on political processes and outcomes, in Central and Eastern Europe and the Post-Soviet Area. Specifically, we work on the relation of law and politics, executive-legislative relations, the foreign policy of the European Union and the European Unions Neighbourhood Policy, as well as the political economy of foreign policy and strategy formation in the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

The following topics are particularly interesting for us:

  • Constitutional Politics and Constitutional Design
  • Parliamentarism
  • Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation
  • Presidential Power
  • Majority and Minority Rights
  • Popular Uprisings
  • Populism
  • International Political Economy
  • Foreign Policy and Strategy Formation
Garystraße 55
Room 222
14295 Berlin - Dahlem
Nataliya Butrimova
+49 (0)30 838-53616