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News from Apr 19, 2022

  • Economics of Post-Soviet Education

    This seminar provides a comprehensive overview of the empirical economic analysis of investment in and provision of education in post-Soviet countries. The transformation process and characteristics of the education system in these countries will be examined. The seminar will also analyze the production and provision of education.

  • The political economy of (un)sustainable development in Central Asia
    The course is jointly conducted by political economist Kuat Akizhanov (Nur-Sultan) and political scientist Sebastian Schiek (Berlin) and takes place in English partly online, partly offline. The course aims to build an understanding of evolution and transformations that has taken place in the five post-Soviet Central Asian countries, namely, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. This course applies the interdisciplinary approach to analyse the socio-economic and political processes in the region. The course is designed to provide students with a solid introduction to key actors in the Central Asian states and approaches that will serve as the analytical basis and a tool for policymaking. 

  • Quantitative Methoden mit STATA
    This seminar is intended for students who have little or no knowledge of econometrics or of using the statistical program STATA. It includes a step-by-step introduction to data analysis with STATA, as basic knowledge of regression methods and a confident use of STATA are important prerequisites for successful participation in advanced master courses. Participants will learn basic models and methods for analyzing microeconometric data and will be able to perform such analyses using a program such as STATA.