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Film screening and discussion: "Evge" ("Homeward")

Oct 07, 2022 | 07:30 PM

Nariman Aliev 

Ukraine 2019 / Original with subtitles / 96 mins

"Evge" brings together the two scenes of the Russian intervention in 2014: the war in the Donbass and the occupation of Crimea. Crimean Tatar director Nariman Aliev tells the story of a father who tries to bring the body of his son, who died in the Donbass, from Kyiv to Crimea to be buried according to the rite of the Muslim Crimean Tatars. The arduous journey reveals how the experience of the current war in Ukraine calls up the repressed history of violence against the Crimean Tatars.

The film will be followed by a discussion with Tamila Tasheva (NGO CrimeaSOS; Representative of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea since April 2022) and Viktoria Leshchenko (Program Director of DOCUDAYS UA Film Festival, Kyiv).


Introduction: Susanne Strätling

Moderation: Daria Buteiko

Time & Location

Oct 07, 2022 | 07:30 PM

Potsdamer Straße 2
10785 Berlin