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Media Centre of the Institute for East European Studies

Bildquelle: Roman Soto (www.flickr.com)

Bildquelle: Roman Soto (www.flickr.com)

The Media Centre of the Institute for East European Studies is a multifunctional media platform on Eastern and Central European film that cooperates closely with film institutions in Berlin and Brandenburg. It supports film-related teaching and research projects, regularly holds film evenings in cooperation with Berlin cinemas, and organizes annual student excursions to the Film Festival Cottbus.

The Media Centre has an extensive database of Central and Eastern European film. Its catalogue offers a broad range of Eastern European documentary and feature films, from early silent films of the pre-revolutionary Tsarist era to post-Soviet cinema of the period of transformation.

Contact information:

Please direct any conceptual questions to Irine Beridze.

Anni-Lotta Hamer is the contact person for technical questions, information about film holdings, and requests to borrow films for instructional purposes.