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Studying abroad gives students a great opportunity to broaden their horizons and gain new experiences. In addition, many employers welcome stays in other countries. However, students must expect additional costs in the form of study fees or foreign health insurance. For the duration of the stay students can apply for Auslands-BAföG.

The high additional costs of training abroad can lead to students being supported through BAföG during their stay abroad, even if they would not receive it if they were to study at a germany university.

BAföG recipients who study in other EU countries do not receive a foreign supplement, but the amount they would receive for their studies in Germany. The application for Auslands-BAföG however must still be sent, because the responsibility for changing the place of study is transferred to another BAföG office. In addition, any subsidies may be paid on travel costs or health insurance.

The additional benefits under BAföG-Auslandszuschlagsverordnung are paid in full as a subsidy and do not need to be repaid after completing the training.

Applications for the promotion of a foreign apprenticeship can be submitted to certain agencies for training support, which also provide information on foreign promotion. The applications should be received in good time, if possible 6 months before the stay abroad at the responsible office. Detailed information can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Important note: If there are more than two months between the end of the study abroad and the resumption of studies in Germany, this can lead to funding gaps.