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Lecture "Digital East. A region in the network of data" - Trappman

Jan 26, 2022 | 04:00 PM - 06:00 PM
Digital East

Digital East

Vera Trappmann (University of Leeds)
Social Protest and Social Protection of Platform Work in Eastern Europe

About the lecture series:

How does Eastern Europe present itself as a digital region? While research in recent decades has focused intensively on the socio-political transformations in Eastern Europe, it has remained virtually unexplained how profoundly not only the digital transformation has changed and continues to change the region, but also how massively digital media have been drivers of these transformations - one need only think of the Euro-Maidan, which was strongly supported by social media, or the protest movement in Belarus, which the state also tried to suppress by slowing down data transmission rates or shutting down the Internet. The lecture illuminates this blind spot of Eastern European studies and undertakes the first sighting of this space in the web of data.

The lecture series will take place online. For further details, please see our Mediothek page (in German) or the PDF document.