Library of the Institute for East European Studies

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday: 09.00 a.m.- 7.00 p.m.

Saturday: 10.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.

The issue counter and library stack close 15 minutes prior to general closing time.

Contact us:

Issue counter: +49 (0)30 838–55559

Information: +49 (0)30 838-55797

Library manager: Benjamin Blinten
Phone: +49 (0)30 838–52307

Adminitrator of the Eastern European collection: Beata Wilczewska
Phone: +49 (0)30 838-52065

The Library of the Institute for East European Studies

The Library of the Institute for East European Studies is situated on the ground floor of the University building Garystraße 55 together with the Library for Social Sciences. The library contains an Eastern European collection of international renown comprising around 300,000 works. Reception staff are glad to advise you and answer any questions you may have. Suggestions and requests are always welcome. If desired, workshops on using the library can be organized for groups of visitors after prior registration.

Alphabetized catalogues (in the open stack)

All works added to the library collection after 2000 can be found in the Online Catalogue Primo of the University Library.  The alphabetized main catalogue contains a complete record of all works acquired after 1999 in the following categories:

  • Eastern European History and Contemporary History ( G and ZG ),
  • Southern European History ( SG ),
  • Art in Eastern Europe ( K ),
  • Eastern European Regional Studies ( L ),
  • Eastern European Sociology and Philosophy ( SZ ),
  • Economics in Eastern Europe ( W ),
  • Eastern European Law ( R ),
  • Balkan Studies ( BK ),
  • Educational Systems in Eastern Europe (P)

The old stock of the Department of Balkan Studies is a further alphabetized catalogue. An alphabetized journal catalogue is available for magazines and journal series.

Subject catalogues

Each department provides classified subject catalogues.

Main reading room collection (ground floor, open stack)

The general collection in the main reading room includes important encyclopedias, other reference works, guides, compendia etc. Bilingual dictionaries and the temporary and permanent collections of reference books for the corresponding seminars and tutorials are available in the information section.

Journals and newspapers (in the information section)

The IEES journal collection can be found in the journal reading room and in the open reading area.
Issues of journals belonging to the IEES collection published after 2000 are categorized in alphabetical order and kept separately in the reading room in the Library of Social Sciences (Otto Suhr Institute, Ihnestr. 21). Previous issues can be found together with discontinued subscriptions of Eastern European magazines in the open stack in the library in Garystr. 55. Accession numbers of these works are yet to be determined. We are glad to advise you should you have any queries or problems.

Library stack

Following the merger of the monographic collections belonging to the libraries of the Otto-Suhr-Institute and Institutes of Sociology, Ethnology and Media Studies with the Library of the Institute for East European Studies, the collection of the Library of the Institute for East European Studies has been moved to the first floor of the open stack, apart from the reading room collection, wall maps and atlases. Monographic collections belonging to the new libraries can be found in the basement of the library stack. Reading room collections belonging to the Institute for East European Studies are now in the library stack basement.

Online resources

PCs are available for use.

Online access to discontinued subscriptions of Eastern European journals

Bjulleten' Verchovnogo Suda Rossijskoj Federacii / latest issue /

Dziennik ustaw Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej / latest issue /

East European politics and societies / latest issue /

EKO. Vseross. ekonom. zurnal / latest issue / 

Folia linguistica / latest issue /

Etnograficeskoe obozrenie / latest issue /

Kritika / latest issue /

New political economy / latest issue /

Novaja i novejsaja istorija / latest issue /

Plural / latest issue /

Politiceskie issledovanija : Polis / latest issue /

Problems of post-communism / latest issue /

Przewodnik bibliograficzny / latest issue /

Rossijskaja istorija / latest issue /

Sociologiceskie issledovanija / latest issue /

Sociologija (Beograd) / latest issue /

Svobodnaja mysl' / latest issue /

Turcica / 2 years delay /

Voprosy ekonomiki / latest issue /

Voprosy filosofii / latest issue /

Voprosy istorii / latest issue /

Wirtschaft und Recht in Osteuropa WIRO / latest issue /

Zgodovinski casopis / latest issue /