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Auszeichnung für das Kooperationsprojekt "Russisch-Deutsche Beziehungen: Wirtschaft und Politik"

News from Jul 16, 2020

A high-ranking German-Russian jury selected the bilateral cooperation "Germany in Russian & International Affairs" of the OEI and the Moscow State Institute of International Relations - MGIMO as one of the award receiving projects of the competition "Russia and Germany: scientific and educational bridges". The project - among 24 other award winning projects - is one of those partnerships that will receive an award during the closing event of the German-Russian Year of Higher Education Cooperation and Science 2018 – 2020.

Germany in Russian & International Affairs (GRIA) is a one-year supplementary program in German language at MGIMO. Its goal is to impart regional expertise on Germany and the European Union as well as to promote intercultural, economic and social competences of the participating students.

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