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OEI Writing Workshops: Support for students in scientific work

OEI Schreibwerkstat

OEI Schreibwerkstat

News from Jun 02, 2023

We are pleased to introduce our new OEI writing workshops, which are now available to our students.

The writing workshop follows a concept in which a short, 20-minute content input on typical problems of scientific work is given in each session. Various topics are covered, such as layout and formatting, topic identification, structure of a term paper (research design and content) as well as citation and bibliography. In addition, the inputs can be adapted to the students' interests and questions. After the input, participants have the opportunity to work on their own term papers and submissions, exchange ideas about problems and find solutions together.

In the summer semester 2023, the writing workshop is scheduled biweekly and will take place on Wednesday, 07.06, 21.06, 05.07 and 19.07 from 14-16 h in room L 201 in the Rost-Silberlaube.

For the lecture-free period, there is also the possibility of offering the writing workshop weekly, depending on the interest of the students.

If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Walgern (s.walgern@fu-berlin.de).

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