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support.point at OSI: Psychosocial support on site

News from Apr 17, 2023

Lost in everyday university life? Anxieties? Procrastination? Stress? Our psychologists in the support.points are happy to help you with these and all other concerns about mental health in your studies. A consultation is limited to 10 to 30 minutes and can take place in German or English. You can describe your concerns and, together with the advisor, work out initial solutions or strategies. Sometimes such a conversation is enough. If not, the counselors will inform you about further contact points within the university and beyond. The consultations are confidential, the staff members are bound to secrecy. If desired, conversations can also be conducted anonymously. Of course, you can also visit one of the support.points with concerns that are not related to your studies.

The support.point at the Department of Political and Social Sciences and for the Central Institutes is located at Ihnestr. 21 in room 002 (ground floor, next to the main entrance of the OSI). The psychologist there is Jessica Weber. She offers open consultation hours without prior appointment as well as an appointment consultation hour via Webex. For current office hours and more information, visit https://www.fu-berlin.de/sites/mentalwellbeing/Support_Points/index.html

The doors of the other support.points (including E.g. the Department of Philosophy and Humanities in the Rostlaube, the Department of Veterinary Medicine in Koserstr.) are also open to you. You can also contact the support.points if you are a staff member or lecturer. For up-to-date information on office hours, the various locations and other support services, please visit the project website:




Otto Suhr Institute
Ihnestraße 21
Room 002
14195 Berlin


Contact: Jessica Weber (M.Sc. Psychology, Psychotherapist in Training)

E-mail: support.point.polsoz@studienberatung.fu-berlin.de


Office Ours


Open office hours:                        Tue/Thu

Appointment hours (online):       Fri

Please always check the current office hours online, as changes may occur at short notice.

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