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Finally a summer party at the OEI again!

News from Aug 01, 2022

In beautiful weather, about 120 students, faculty and administrators met in Lecture Hall A on July 15 to celebrate. After the welcome by Prof. Bluhm, the participants of the two-semester project course presented their projects. This year, the project seminar was on the topic of "Digital East: Impacts of Digital Cultures" and was supervised by Anna Abalkina (Department of Politics) and Oliver Wach (Department of Economics). The starting point was the question: How does Eastern Europe present itself as a digital region? A variety of scientific, journalistic and artistic projects were realized. Once again, it was great to see the enthusiasm and commitment with which the students selected, worked on and presented their topics. Each of the seven project groups then presented a poster for questions and discussion. In the foyer there were also information tables of the Young DGO and the Young Forum of the German-Israeli Society, where our students are active.

Then the graduates of the last three years were honored. Corona had prevented a celebration for so long. A few parents were now also present. First, two alumni - Nicolas Butylin (now a journalist) and Dominika Tronina (now a lecturer at HU) - spoke, reminiscing about their student days and citing what they had learned from their studies for their professional lives. Then each graduate was applauded, had to remember his or her master's thesis topic and received a certificate as well as a rose and a book.

Now, finally, the unofficial part began. The delicious buffet consisted of things brought by the guests. Many of the guests had contributed. Thanks again to all of them!

With musical accompaniment chosen by the students (thanks to Dima Borisov!), there was eager talking, eating and drinking inside and outside (in rather chilly but dry weather) (thanks to Stefan Strietzel, who organized the beverage delivery and provided a paddling pool to cool the beer). Very special thanks to Julia Zimmermann, who stepped in as photographer at the very last minute.

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