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Project "Fact and Affect"



Graphic action as part of the research project by Uljana Bychenkova and Anna Scherbyna at the Institute for Eastern European Studies of Freie Universität Berlin 

News from Jun 08, 2022

Russia's war of aggression on Ukraine has a statistical side, which is expressed on a daily basis in casualty figures, troop strengths, flight movements, square meters of occupied terrain, percentages of destroyed infrastructure, and economic curves. But it also has an affective side that is infinitely more difficult to capture. In the often-used term "humanitarian catastrophe", it is only rudimentarily named.

In their project, Uljana Bychenkova and Anna Scherbyna examine the forms of articulation of subjective coping with the experience of war. The focus is on self-testimonies in social networks, letters, and interviews with those who stayed and those who fled. The research work with these testimonies proceeds experimentally at the interface of art and science. In this way, experiential knowledge of the war can be tapped that remains alien to number-based analysis.

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