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GO EAST scholarship for the HSE Moscow

DAAD semester scholarships

Since 2012/13, the Institute for East European Studies has received funding from the DAAD in the context of the GO EAST program to finance studies at the partner universities Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) and Higher School of Economics (HSE).

Funding in the GO EAST program covers the following:

•       Travel expenses
•       A monthly stipend of 300 Euros
•       A language course at the beginning of the study trip worth up to 500 Euros (documentation of completion required)

Students at Freie Universität Berlin who have been accepted for an exchange semester at the HSE or the MGIMO may apply.

Please include the following documents in your application:

•       GO EAST scholarship application form

•        Confirmation of acceptance at the MGIMO or the HSE

•        Statement of interest

•        Certificate of enrollment

•        Evidence of proficiency in English and/or Russian

More information: DAAD Website

Please send scholarship applications to

Theocharis Grigoriadis, C.Sc. Ph.D.

address Garystr. 55
Room 101 a
14195 Berlin
phone +49 30 838 57037
email theocharis.grigoriadis@fu-berlin.de

For further information please contact Prof. Grigoriadis.