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SPBU St. Petersburg (+DAAD scholarship)

The Department of Economics and the Institute for Eastern European Studies at the FU maintain a direct exchange program with the Faculty of Economics of the St. Petersburg State University (SPBU). The available 5 study places for Master students on reciprocity are exchanged. The partners remit most of the tuition fees to the students. To a small extent, there are fees (e.g. for administration, health insurance). Students may have a DAAD scholarship at their disposal. The recognition of the services rendered at the SPBU is guaranteed after agreement of the course choice.


  • Study abroad at the SPBU as part of the M.Sc. program for one semester
  • Participation in the English-language semester program of the SPBU
  • Choice of courses from other Master's programmes taught predominantly in Russian.

Contact person at the OEI

Roman Bakuradze