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Erasmus+ Study Europe & Swiss-European Mobility Programme

Erasmus+ allows students to study at a European university in another participating country after completing their first year of study in order to improve their social and cultural competences and career prospects. They get to know the academic system of a foreign university as well as its teaching and learning methods. Having studied one or two semesters in another European country also means a plus point for your personal CV and for your chances on the labour market in Germany and Europe.

Students at the Osteuropa-Institut have Erasmus destinations at 28 partner universities in 16 European countries to study abroad. While the content of the study programme makes it useful to study in an Eastern European country, places are also available in other European countries.

Erasmus students enjoy the following advantages

  • exemption from tuition fees at the host university
  • support for additional costs incurred abroad through a mobility grant or a mobility lump sum for the duration of the studies abroad
  • support in the preparation and implementation of the stay (cultural, linguistic, organisational) by the home university and host university abroad
  • academic recognition of academic achievements abroad through Learning Agreement and ECTS points system
  • special grants for single-parent students abroad
  • special grants for students with disabilities

The duties and rights of Erasmus+ students are set out in the Erasmus Student Charter.

Further information about studying with Erasmus+


Contact at the OEI

Roman Bakuradze – Erasmus, DAAD

Julia Zimmermann – Erasmus

Theocharis Grigoriadis – Erasmus, GO EAST