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Academic Commission

The Education Commission of the Institute for Eastern European Studies is an advisory commission of the Institute Council in educational matters with the participation of students. The tasks of the Education Commission are to

  • the participation in study and examination regulations within the scope of the conception and further development of study programmes (according to the assignment of the Institute Council),
  • the discussion of results of quality assurance procedures related to degree programmes (e.g. teaching evaluation),
  • the formulation of recommendations for, among other things, improving studyability, the qualification profile of degree programmes and their orientation towards current occupational fields, and
  • the annual awarding of the teaching prize of the Osteuropa-Institut to employees whose courses are particularly positively assessed by the students. This is based on the evaluation forms that are completed at the end of each course.

If you have any suggestions for the further development of the programme and for curriculum planning, please contact the chairman of the commission or the respective representatives. Students can contact the student members of the Education Commission for all matters concerning teaching at the following e-mail address: abk@oei.fu-berlin.de.